WOW! Sean Mulroney Must Really Like You...
Because he just gave you a gift worth $997!

  • And no, there’s nothing for sale here. You can’t buy a damn thing on this page.

  • But I do have something to give you. A gift.


    Complimentary from me to you at the end of this as long as you sign up in the next 3 days.


    I can hear all the gurus shaking their heads at such a wasted opportunity to take money out of someone’s pocket.


  • Screw them. I need to tell you the truth about something.


    The truth about you.


    I spent nearly a decade and a couple hundred grand trying to get my business off the ground so listen carefully:


  • They’re lying to you.

  • Who cares if it worked for them… They aren’t you.


    I downloaded and bought nearly every damn program there was… I thought my problem was I didn’t have enough sales. And that if I just figured out a way to bring in leads consistently, everything would be fixed.


  • Maybe I just gotta get my price right.

  • Maybe I'm just not offering enough value.

  • Maybe I just need more consistent leads.

  • Maybe I just need better quality leads.

  • Maybe people just can't handle the truth.

  • Maybe my audience is just too dumb to see I’m legit.

  • Maybe I'm just not a marketer.

  • This is what I thought…

  • If I only had more leads, and the right leads, and I could just get them on the phone... My problems will all be fixed.

  • I still got business, but it was never enough. I couldn’t predict when the next sale would come in. Referrals kept falling through. I needed more forward momentum and upward trajectory. I was frustrated because I knew I was damn good at what I did because my clients tell me so!


  • It took me almost a decade and a couple hundred grand to realize none of those things will fix my situation because none of those are the real problems.


  • The real problem nobody EVER talks about is being trapped in what I call “The Vice™”.


  • The biggest problem facing online business owners today is being caught in The Vice™ and feeling it’s escalating pressure.

  • The reason it’s the biggest problem is you often don’t know when you’re in it or how to escape it, even though you try like hell every single month.

    If you made it to this page and are reading these words, you’re probably trapped in The Vice™ right now.

  • Nobody talks about The Vice™ but it’s always there.

    The Vice™ is what keeps you in the same place. Month after month, year after year.

  • The Vice™ can keep you trapped and before you know it your physical health and mental well-being is through the floor.


  • I know first hand because I was stuck in The Vice™ for nearly a decade and spent a couple hundred grand trying to get out.


    Inside The Vice™, your strings get pulled like a puppet by every good marketer on the planet and they toy with your emotions until you do what THEY want...


  • You opt-in for their "Magic Pills™" and buy their "quick-fix" products only to feel duped when they don't work for you time and time again.


  • These Magic Pills™ and quick-fix solutions never work and you even knew it deep down, yet you still hoped this time would be different.

The organic hustle phase of the business cycle feels like a never-ending rat race filled with adrenalin and anxiety. A 24/7 battle to come up with new quality content and add real value to your audience through posting, stories, direct messages, phone calls, networking, group strategies and more...

All you want is to create enough awareness around your latest offer so you can get some new leads and paying clients so you can pay the bills and do what you love to do most.

It never seems to be enough.

The leads and sales are inconsistent at best and it’s no fun grinding it out non-stop just to keep getting by month after month. The hustle phase is exhausting when you’re always on the hunt for the next client and it’s the part of the business you wish could just disappear. You know there has to be a better way to create awareness, leads and sales. You can even feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders as you get a few sales and begin to envision the day when leads will come in on autopilot so you can put your phone down and restore some balance back in your life.

But you don’t have time for daydreams right now, because all of your hustle paid off to give you just enough new clients this month and you’ve got to shift your focus to delivering results for them.


You’ve got a moment to catch your breath, the bills are paid, and now it’s time to do what you do best. Help your clients get results through your products and services. The world feels right again because the hustle phase has slowed to a more normal pace and you’re not running around with your head cut off looking for the next deal. You’re even hopeful that this may finally be the time where you can put down the hustle and grind for good. Maybe these clients will lead you to enough new referrals and connections that you can finally drop the dancing-bear act on social.

You’re even hopeful that you have enough in reserves and some extra time to implement new strategies, tools and tactics so you can drop the hustle phase once and for all.

While your current clients are all doing great and loving your help, you begin to search for the escape.

You have extra time, energy and money again to look for new opportunities. What’s out there that others are using to automate their lead generation?

Maybe it’s a book you’ve been recommended that changed the game for someone you know? Maybe it’s new software that can automate your prospecting and follow up? Maybe it’s that guru course that everyone seems to rave about online?

All you know is you’re hopeful, optimistic and maybe a bit delusional as you search because everything seems to have worked for others that are just like you. These
Magic Pills™ and quick-fix solutions all seem to be backed up with so much proof and social proof, it’s got to work for you.

One thing is for sure. It’s worth a try if it will help you finally escape the roller coaster ride you’ve been on and remove the hustle phase from your life.

You pull the trigger on the next quick fix and your focus begins to shift away from the delivery phase as you focus on new opportunities.

Crap, that feeling is back.

You’re reading a new book while setting up the software that’s promised to set you free, oops, you’ve done it again. The latest automation solutions have added more to your plate, not less. As you implement new things you’re learning, two things begin to collapse in on you and your feel that pressure again.

The time you’re investing on the new stuff is taking your focus away from job #1, creating a wow experience with results for your clients. You start to feel a bit scattered and disconnected and it’s showing up in your work because you’re spread too thin at the moment.

As you work hard to deliver for clients, a small seed of anxiety creeps back in as you realize your marketing has stalled and your sales engine is on empty while the next stage is coming at you fast.


Two-thirds of the month is gone and your marketing efforts are on life support while you are still learning to implement the new stuff. No amount of commitment or effort will speed things up fast enough in the next 10 days to get your next round of sales.

The truth is beginning to set in, again.

With all that’s going on, now you’ve got to add more on your plate and the pressure has gone from a gentle caress to the hug of death. You need to take a day off just to re-group and unscramble yourself, even though your “things to do” list is out of control. Now you’re juggling the clients in process, the new learning, new tools and new tactics all at once.

As you feel the overload, yet another job shows up for your plate and you're the only one wearing all the hats. But, someone needs to analyze the previous month’s hustle and offer to see what worked and what didn’t. What needs to go away, what needs to stay and what new things can you bring in from what you’re currently learning?


That someone is you.

The pressure begins to collapse from every angle it seems and now you’re thinking about way too many things at once. Clients, bills, family, relationships, team, leads, strategies, tools, tactics and more…

Your focus is shot and fears take over as you begin to realize you have no idea where your next lead or sale is coming from. “Did I even pay my team or the rent this month?” And here we go, anxious again and back to looking for the next Magic Pill™, buying the next quick-fix solution and making adjustments to your offer to try it again, hopefully this time with more success than the last.

  • You begin to wonder is this business even worth it?

  • “Maybe I should just go back to a 9-5 or work at a car wash, at least I can relax and be present with my family and friends again.

  • No way, I’m way too committed to give up now, I'll just return to the hustle.”


  • And that’s THE VICE™.

    All you wanted to do is escape the hustle phase and now it’s the only way you see out of this mess because you don’t have enough time to implement the new stuff. If you don’t do something fast, you’re going to end up with a big fat $0 next month and with all of your knowledge, wisdom, skills and talents it just seems ridiculous you don’t know where your next meal is coming from. Your clients are raving about you, even though you begin to drop the ball left and right. The most ridiculous part is you can only see one solution and hate to admit it.

    It’s time to go back to the thing you like the least.

  • Ugh… Repeat Phase 1: Hustle

    Every revolution of the vice hurts more and more and piles the stress on more and more. It’s a vicious cycle that eats most business owners alive.


  • When was the last time you've even had a date with your spouse or spent quality time with the kids?

    All you do is think business 24/7/365 but the "The Vice™" has you know and you can't stop until you put all the puzzle pieces together.

    The truth is, each time you spend time, money and focus to figure it out, you dig a little deeper of a hole.

    I get it, I dug a decade long and 200k deep hole before I got out.

  • Would you like to escape The Vice™?

    Just like the matrix it comes down to making a single decision, the red pill or the blue.


    The decision is yours to make.

    Remember at the beginning of the page when I said I have nothing for sale?

  • That is 100% true. I don’t.

  • But I do have something to give you. A gift. Complimentary from me. Think of it as a good gesture to get our relationship off on the right foot.

    It’s the answer to escaping “The Vice™”.

    It’s the way out.


  • And you don’t have to pay for it.

    You can have the entire program for free. The information in this program is worth more than most $5,000 products you’ll find on the market. I know this is true, I’ve bought most of them. My clients have told me they’ve spent tens of thousands on courses that weren’t half as helpful as this course from me to you.

    You’ll see when you open it up. I hold nothing back.


    You need to learn The Foundations™ so you can break out of The Vice™ and start making some damn money.

    You might be asking why I’m doing this.

  • Why all this for free. Am I some saint or martyr?

    Not at all. I’m a business coach and mentor.

    Unlike all the business gurus, I make my money by coaching, not information courses. This is how I can give away all of my secrets, all the “good stuff” they charge thousands for…

    Who knows, someday you might want me to coach you and help you speed things up. No rush, my schedule is always 90% full. Life is good. I’m sure that if you stick around long enough and I keep blowing your mind with value and advice, you’ll buy coaching from me eventually.

  • But right now, you need to get the foundations. I won’t even accept a new client who hasn’t gone through my foundations program.



$997  Sign Up Below In The Next 3 Days To Get It FREE!


  • The Big Lie
  • How They Trick You
  • What Are The Foundations?
  • The 7 Silent Roadblocks
  • The ONLY Reasons Someone Will Become Your Client
  • The 2 Buying Windows
  • The Slot Machine Effect
  • Confidence Duality
  • The 4 Clarity Pillars
  • Decoding Your Ideal Client
  • The Credibility Formula          
  • The 9 Factors of Success & Speed
  • 3 Organic Superheroes That Destroy Sales
  • Dynamic Feedback Loops
  • The No Delusion Conclusion
  • The Illusion of "Magic Pills™"
  • Escaping “The Vice™”                                                                      
  • The 3 Problems with Leads                                                         
  • The Caveman Effect
  • Your Business Image Ecosystem
  • The Proven Neuroscience Behind Buying
  • The 4 Deadly Killers of First Impressions
  • The Mirage of Influence & Saturated Markets
  • Self-Awareness Mastery Method
  • 16 Core Desires
  • 11 Critical Forms of Proof (Ranked)
  • The Organic Attraction Model
  • The 8 Critical Elements of Posting
  • The Entrepreneurial Death Traps
  • How To Escape The Vice™ – Starting Today




The Foundations course is brilliant! Mike is one of the few guests I've had on Good Morning La La Land twice and he's truly The Makeover Master! I've hired him personally to speak to my Soulciété movement several times and each time I learn something new to implement with my own biz! Invest in yourself and take this course, it's well worth your time and attention.



Mike was one of the very first guests on my show when I was just starting out and he's only one of a handful of people I've invited back to be on the show again. I know how it feels to work 24/7/365 on your business and to have to sell your possessions to keep it alive until it's working. If you are there today, take this course and learn from The Makeover Master, he's the real deal.



Mike has helped educate my following and groups on how to think about and control your business image ecosystem and in a way that will get you more sales, period. If you're tired of being sold strategies, tools and tactics that never seem to work this course is your the answer and it's packed with insane value and understanding. Take this course and you won't be disappointed.



Dude. The information in this program is pure gold! I only wish I'd learned some of this earlier in my career and it makes so much sense on why certain things with my business weren't getting to that next level before.
Finally, there is someone who has been through all of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and speaks the truth! The stuff I've learned in a short amount of time will serve my business for years to come. Thank you.



I was lucky enough to help Mike co-author his first book and have worked with him for years. This foundations course is NOT filled with the same lame and generic advice you see in the industry today. It will help you break out of the hustle and grind to sell more of what you've got. I always learn something new with when I'm around Mike and this course is no exception.



I was excited and took fast action after just one of the ideas I got from this program (which I never would have thought of on my own). It nearly doubled the revenue for my company in less than 100 days.
This course should be mandatory learning for any new business owner and it's changed the trajectory of my business for years to come. What can I say but The Makeover Master is one of a kind and the information inside is invaluable.

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